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Icons, picspams, and more!

Here at neuroshare you'll find:
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Please note that membership is moderated; anyone who does not list credit for all or most of their icons will not be approved. People who hotlink others' graphics will also be denied.

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Fandom-related and stock icon posts are locked after 3 days, as I'm sick of hotlinkers using up all my bandwidth. If you have a problem with this, I'll gladly accept your donation of a paid Photobucket account. ;)

Please leave a comment if you take anything; I put a lot of effort into my icons and comments helps me gauge what people like and what I should make more of!

Do not hotlink any of my images. Upload headers and banners to your own server.
Try Photobucket or Tinypic.

Do not re-upload ANY of my graphics to Fanpop, Tumblr, or sites other than LJ.
You may use my graphics on Dreamwidth as long as you credit me.

You may not edit any of my graphics unless I say otherwise.

Always credit neuroshare in your icon keywords or your userinfo.
Don't know how? See the 'How to Credit' section below.

If you see someone claiming my graphics as their own, let me know.

Got any questions about my graphics?
Or maybe some suggestions for which subjects to make icons of? Go here!



Previous username: rust_n_stardust.
Profile by mintyapple, heavily edited by me.
Layout by ribbonized, heavily edited by me.

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